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What Shapes Can I Order for My Granite or Quartz Countertops

by Stella

While granite, quartz, and all the stones we sell for countertops arrive at our shop in rectangular slabs, our computer-guided table saws can cut these materials into almost any shape you desire. Which shape would you like to add to your Perrysburg or Toledo home renovation?

Traditional L-shape Counters.

From compact kitchens to galley-style food prep areas, both granite and quartz can be milled down to fit the specs of your new workspace. Our designers may use a mitered cut for the corner for a more elegant finish.

Square Islands in Granite

Whether you are dreaming of a square table for breakfast or a smaller island able to fit into your townhouse kitchen, slabs are easily cut to fit your project.

Ovals to Soften Your Great Room Design

An oval island maintains plenty of prep space while opening up the walking path around the kitchen. It also creates a more welcoming line of sight for your dinner guests.

Circles and Hexagons Create a Unique Sensation

While circles are not as popular in countertop design, they are easily achieved with our robotic saws. If the circle is more than 48 inches in diameter, you may find it a challenge to reach across the surface. Hexagons add a playful look to outdoor dining or game room serving surfaces. They may require more cuts and more stone to create your dream countertop.

Selecting an Edge to Complement Your Cabinets

Choose a simple eased edge for your rental properties or opt for the popular ogee that softens the corner of counters while adding a hint of motion. All edges are cut at the same time as your main slab, so no additional time is needed to add this detail. Bring a door sample with you when selecting your edges for a more natural match.

Slab Size May Influence Your Choice

Most quartz slabs arrive in 56 or 63-inch width with a standard 120-inch length. Since granite is cut out of a mountainside, the slabs can vary in precise measurements, but generally run about the same as manufactured quartz. Work with your countertop designer to find a slab that can be cut to fit the shape that you desire with minimal seams.

Make Seamless Matches Using Quartz

Since quartz is manufactured, it often comes with a more consistent appearance that makes erasing seams easier. If you work with granite or other natural stones, you may need to use multiple slabs to find a way to join without cutting through bold veins or inclusions.

When you are ready to start sourcing materials for your Toledo or Perrysburg home improvement project, give us a call at The Countertop Shop  to schedule an appointment for you and your designer. Together we will find the perfect stone ready to be carved into the shape for your custom countertops.